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Your path to the Ultra experience can be as unique as your institution. Let us help you determine the best approach to meet your goals.

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We get it. In a world where institutions must adapt quickly while minimizing disruption, having flexibility when it comes to change is a must. We’ve designed the Ultra experience so you can embrace change at your desired pace. So you won’t have to change everything to change everything.
Step 1

Turn on the Ultra Base Navigation

Step 2

Choose Your Course View

1) Turn on the Ultra Base Navigation

Enabling the Ultra experience starts with enabling the Ultra Base Navigation. The Ultra Base Navigation completely modernizes the user experience outside of courses and provides quick access to the most critical information and tools from the moment you log into Learn. By default, courses do NOT change when the Ultra Base Navigation is enabled. Therefore, you can provide a more engaging, efficient, and enjoyable experience for your students and instructors without having to change their courses.

Blackboard Learn on a tablet, phone, and computer.

Modern, Intuitive, Responsive Interface

Provide the simple, elegant, engaging experience your educators and students expect when they log into and navigate Learn - on any device or screen size they use throughout the day. Learn is now immediately recognized as a truly modern web experience.

Learn Ultra grades page interface shown on desktop computer

Consolidated Information From Across Courses

Help students and educators save time by eliminating the need to go into each course and organization to find out what’s new or needs attention. With the Activity Stream, Calendar, Messages, and Grades pages, there is a consolidated view from across the Learn environment.

Learn Ultra activity stream shown on a desktop computer and mobile device

Quick Access to Critical Information & Tools

Ensure your students and instructors can quickly access the information and tools most critical to their success. It’s like having a virtual assistant to help them stay organized. Plus, the Ultra Base Navigation is always one click away no matter where they are in Learn.

Overdue assignment in the Learn Ultra activity stream on a desktop computer

One Click to Take Action

Once alerted to what’s new or needs their attention, they can easily take action with one click from the Ultra Base Navigation pages. It’s never been quicker or easier to navigate Learn.

Blackboard Learn on a tablet, phone, and computer.
Learn Ultra grades page interface shown on desktop computer
Learn Ultra activity stream shown on a desktop computer and mobile device
Overdue assignment in the Learn Ultra activity stream on a desktop computer

Haven't Made the Switch to SaaS Yet?

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Tom McKinney, Ph.D.
“Acceptance of the Ultra Base Navigation was much faster than expected. Instructors are enjoying the new workflow—especially the Activity Stream—the modern look, and how easy it is to use.”
William McKinney
“Moving to the Ultra Base Navigation has allowed us to create a unique Institution page for each School and their Programs, putting critical accreditation material where it’s easily seen. Faculty and students have enjoyed the refreshed look and feel of the Ultra Base Navigation as well as the easier access and more efficient workflows.”
Tiffany Cantrell
“Moving to SaaS and the Ultra Base Navigation has been great. It was a painless transition and we should have done it long before we did.”
Gene Kleppinger, Ph.D.
“The extra curb appeal of the Ultra experience helps attract and retain students. For students considering an online degree, the new modernized ‘front-of-the-house’ makes the program more appealing.”
Dawn McCain, M.A.
“The upgrade to SaaS and the Ultra Base Navigation has allowed us to be very considerate of our faculty’s needs, as some were maybe hesitant about the change. It worked out well because we were able to gradually introduce this to them in different steps.”

2) Choose your Course View

Once you enable the Ultra Base Navigation, there are two course views to choose from, the Original Course View and the Ultra Course View. YOU decide which instructors, departments, and/or programs use each course view. Or you can let your instructors make their own choice. Thus, you can have a mix of both course views (called the dual course mode), or you can have the same course view for everyone – the choice is yours!

Learn Original Course on laptop

All Original Courses

Not ready to introduce the Ultra Course View yet? You can keep using all Original courses, which your educators and students are already using today. Thus, you can benefit from using the Ultra Base Navigation, found outside of courses, while minimizing change management.

Both Learn Original and Learn Ultra Courses on laptops

Dual Course Mode

Looking for a gradual rollout of the Ultra Course View? You can introduce Ultra courses to select schools, departments, programs, or educators – while the rest of your institution continues using Original courses. If desired, you can even give your instructors the choice to individually choose which course view they want to use.

Learn Ultra Course on laptop

All Ultra Courses

Ready to go full Ultra? The Ultra Course View provides a more engaging, intuitive, and efficient course experience – and it’s fully responsive on any device.

Learn Original Course on laptop
Both Learn Original and Learn Ultra Courses on laptops
Learn Ultra Course on laptop
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UMBC: An Honors University
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Illinois Institute of Technology
Harriet Walshaw
“The beauty of Ultra is that once on SaaS, we could move at the pace and ambition that suited Northumbria. This has allowed us greater control over the rollout and has eased the demands on our academic staff.”
Mariann Hawken, D.M.
“Learn Ultra helps us support content and assessment delivery, engage the campus beyond the traditional classroom, and provide flexible instruction expected by our students. We continue to conduct Ultra boot camps and have had great results—between Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, we saw a 900% increase in Ultra Course View adoption.”
Geoff Price, Ph.D.
“Offering both Original and Ultra courses allows for a group of early adopters to help with training and advocate the benefits of the Ultra Course View. Both faculty and students find the Ultra Course View more visually appealing and user friendly.”
Alison Stone
“Having the flexibility to roll out Ultra courses on our timeline is huge. The disruption of having faculty members move all at once would have been too great to manage.”
Brad Katz
“We are letting faculty decide when they will move to Ultra courses. That said, we are actively communicating with them to manage expectations and move adoption of Ultra along.”

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What’s New in Learn Ultra?

When was the last time you looked at Learn Ultra? It’s time to take another look. Check out the latest additions.

Notification Settings screen capture
November 2019 Release

While this release is packed full of enhancements that will make teaching and learning using Learn Ultra easier, the biggest addition you’ll love is the added ability for administrators to be able to manage and control notifications at the system level. We’ve heard your feedback about notifications and are thrilled to deliver this functionality in this release.

On November 7, 2019, Learn SaaS release v3700.14.0 was released to Production environments. Highlights of the release include: 

Ultra Base Navigation and Ultra Course View

  • System administration Notification Settings: Clients have shared that having the institutional ability to control the notifications is critical. In response, we have created system administration controls via the “Notification Settings” option in the Administrator Panel. For every available notification type and source, administrators can select whether notifications are “on” or “off” by default. Administrators can also decide whether users can change the default setting in their individual preferences.

  • New icons: Based upon client feedback, we've adjusted the icon set. Most notably, the new icons are darker and appear more prominently.

  • Account lockout: By default, Learn Ultra will now lock user accounts after five failed login attempts. Administrators can disable or edit the feature by selecting “Account Lock Settings” in the Administrator panel.

Ultra Course View 

  • Description field for Ultra documents: To improve the student experience, instructors can now provide students with high-level details about an Ultra document, as they are able to with most other Learn Ultra content. Instructors can open the “Document Settings” panel in an existing document to add a description. Students see descriptions on the Course Content page.

  • Ally updates: The Ally integration for Learn Ultra has been improved to show the alternative formats and instructor feedback indicators for attachments in Ultra documents and tests.

  • Assessment settings panel button update: As a continued effort to make Learn Ultra as consistent as possible, the “Done” button on the Assessment Settings page has been replaced with “Save” and “Cancel” buttons.

  • Error messages when deleting assessments with externally referenced questions: Instructors are unable to delete question banks, folders, or assessments that contain questions used in question pools in other assessments. To eliminate confusion, detailed messages have been added to explain why.  

View all the details in the Learn SaaS release notes

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